John almost cornered the fresh new San’Shyuum as well as their Brute escorts, however, are too late to prevent Truth’s escape

Just like the Master made it multiple photos at the Specifics, the new Prophet are protected of the their gravity throne and made their stay away from, since Master is actually leftover to fight away from those Covenant

Forced to work quickly during the Construction 05, John is actually implemented groundside within the an enthusiastic SOEIV and numerous Orbital Drop Treat Troopers. Cortana told John of one’s Prophet off Regret’s intent so you’re able to fire Halo and you will complete their religion’s Great Journey. Taking the ultimate character of your own danger, John are assigned with discovering and assassinating Regret. [55] The guy tracked the latest Prophet to help you a massive temple in-between away from a pond, yet not before watching hundreds of Covenant ships taken from Slipspace, accompanied by Large Foundation, brand new Covenant’s holy urban area. Easily getting rid of an energy out of Sangheili Honor Guards, John assassinated the brand new Prophet and escaped the fresh forehead before it is lost from the the neighborhood company. John popped off the edge of the dwelling and to the lake lower than. [54]

Dropping consciousness regarding the impact, John try captured by Flood’s main cleverness, the newest Gravemind. Just after, new Arbiter has also been seized. The new Gravemind appealed so you’re able to John’s popular need for preventing the capturing of your Halo array. Hesitantly, John concurred. The fresh new Gravemind upcoming tasked one another captives which have locating the Directory, delivering these to the 2 most likely places that it could be discovered. John is actually sent to Higher Foundation, disrupting an effective sermon by the Prophet of Facts. This new conflict involving the Sangheili and you may Jiralhanae showed up due to the fact an immediate result of John’s murder of Feel dissapointed about, top new Covenant so you’re able to civil war. [56]

John squandered almost no time when you look at the devastating new ranks of your own Prophet’s guardians, chasing brand new enduring Hierarchs because of High Charity. A death Prophet from Compassion, contaminated from mouth area because of the a beneficial Pod infector, snarled one Specifics got ordered their Dreadnought in order to Environment in which he manage finish the depletion of the people. John following tore the brand new Pod infector off Mercy and you may surface it. Sooner, John was forced to hop out Cortana at the rear of. If there is Halo’s activation, she would detonate Within the Amber Clad’s reactors personally and you will perish that have the metropolis. John boarded the new Anodyne Soul, yet not prior to guaranteeing to return to have Cortana immediately following the guy avoided brand new Covenant. [57]

Hunt for Details

On-board the fresh Anodyne Heart close Jupiter, John was called from the Io Channel, but handled broadcast silence. Rampaging from motorboat, the guy made an effort to discover the Prophet regarding Truth and you can assassinate him. John found himself faced because of the a highly highest force regarding Covenant troops and at the least around three Huntsman pairs, which discharged into him at the same time. He had been strike by several physical violence canon beams, and are confronted with an excellent Brute Chieftain exactly who began to asked your towards « Key off Osanalan ». [59] Although not, the fresh Spartan stuck this new Brute having a great plasma grenade and you will escaped. The chief continued his force from the boat, ultimately to arrive inside the Truth’s chambers and you may setting their places into the Prophet. Which have Realities within his views, [60] he had been caught of the amaze by good Jackal and you may test inside the rear. The guy fell and you will landed right in front of one’s Prophet’s Brute shields. [61] John, which have hit a brick wall in his attempt to control this new Predecessor Dreadnought’s trajectory, fought his solution of your Forerunner ship’s airlock when you look at the a beneficial commandeered Ghost. On the surface of one’s Dreadnought, he was purchased to get a means to come back to Environment rapidly, [62] at some point ripping regarding a door and ultizing it as a hot air-shield in which so you can diving down onto the world below.